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Reading behavior analysis by using various sensors

27.06.2017, 13:30 Uhr, 42-105, Referent: Koichi Kise*, Ph.D.

Most of the current e-learning systems rely on shallow sensing of learners such as achievement tests and log of usage of e-learning systems. This poses a limitation to know internal states of learners such as confidence and the level of knowledge. To solve this problem, we propose to employ deeper sensing by using eye trackers, EOG, EEG, motion and physiological sensors. As tasks, we consider English learning. The sensing technologies described in this abstract includes low level estimations (the number of read words, the period of reading), document type recognition and identification of read words, as well as high level estimations about confidence of answers, the English ability in terms of TOEIC scores and unknown words encountered while reading English documents. Such functionality helps learners and teachers to know the internal states and will be used to describe learning experiences to be shared by other learners.

*Koichi Kise is a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. His research interests are in the areas of document analysis, object recognition and information retrieval.


Am 11./12. 10.2017 findet die Netzwerktagung der Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung in Bonn statt. In der Netzwerktagung kommen Vertreter aller Projekte zusammen um sich gegenseitig über Erfolge und Transfermöglichkeiten zu informieren. Voraussichtlich zwei Themen werden für einen systematischen Austausch der Projekte im Vordergrund stehen (Darstellung der Projektergebnisse, Vernetzungsmöglichkeiten).